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          Small project 

          Visegrad´s time machine

          Project description

          Short project description:

          The purpose of the project  "The Visegrad´s time machine "is to promote development of closer cooperation among four  schools via historical event of the Congress  of  three  kings in Visegrad.Our project is aimed to teach children the history and its events by means of ICT via English language.We would like to get the pupils of four european schools from countries of V4  familiar with the historical event by the attractive and unconventional way.


          Detailed project description:

          Project „Visegrad ´s time machine“ will last for  three days . It will  show how can the children get familiar with history. Our project meeting will start  with History lesson. Four pupils from four schools prepare and present  their Power point presentations of the Congress  of  three  kings in Visegrad in 1335. The language of the presentation will be English.

          On the  second day  there will be  the meeting  of four directors, teachers and pupils of four schools in Visegrad Castle . This meeting will be memorable for all participants.Negotiations and the signature of further cooperation will remind the Congress of three kings in 1335 and the authentic setting will serve as we travelled through the time.

          The third day will be about the friendship. We will celebrate our friendship by Castle Games held in Primary school Štúrovo.

          All the participants will compete.

          The first phase - the preparation phase will last from February to April 2013. The four  involved schools will prepare their Power point presentations  about the Congress  of  three  kings in Visegrad in 1335. All the involved schools  will study and learn the game rules  and vocabulary of volleyball, basketball, football and badminton in English, because they will play them  on "The Castle Games" during our project meeting in May 2013.  They will  prepare a  common booklet of these games with the appropriate vocabulary.

          The second phase will last for three days in May 2013. It will be the realisation of the History lesson on the first day, so called "Polish Day"- the Power point presentations, and presentation of the Polish culture. The second day will be the "Hungarian Day" and there will be the trip to   Visegrad and we will make the history alive . The third day will be Czech and Slovak Day and  Castle Games.

          “Visegrad feature” of  our project:

          Our project promotes the idea of Visegrad cooperation by negotiations and signature of further cooperation between participants of four schools of four countries.

          All activities will support cooperation among 4 schools and will increase the awareness of the V4.


          Target groups and groups benefiting from the project:

          There will be a group of 10 pupils, 2 teachers and a director from Poland, 10 pupils, 2 teachers and a director from Hungary, 10 pupils, 2 teachers and a director from Czech Republic and 10 pupils, 2 teachers and a director from Slovakia. There also take part more children and teachers from Primary School Štúrovo, Slovakia, who will be  the organizer.

          From the booklet , which includes guide and dictionary of the games there will benefit all the pupils and teachers of all four schools.

          Expected outputs of the project (If the output is a publication, please specify the estimated number of pages and the expected number of copies to be printed)

          We are intended to print 52 copies of the booklets with the number of pages 25.


          Planned PR activities (please indicate planned dates, events and media you intend to use as part of your promotional activities):

          We are going to promote the project activities via Website of the project. We have already designed the website. The planed activities will take place on the Europe Day so the local TV will broadcast the Castle Games. The booklet will be given to all the participants so it will be diseminated via booklet too.

          Previous experience in the field:

          We haven´t applied for Visegrad Fund yet, but we have  experience with Comenius international  projects. Our partners were Belgium, France, Great Britain in multilateral project and Turkey in bilateral project.

          We think that the projects like this one we are applying for now are very helpful in cultural, language and sports fields cooperation.


          Continuation of the project (Will the project continue after the period proposed in this application? How?):

          We would like to become our project the annual event on Europe Day.After the realisation of this project we will continue in our cooperation between four schools and we will reinforce the values that all the participants will get.


          Expected results and potential risks:

          We expect from this project the improvement of the English language knowledge of all the  students involved in the project. Wer also expect the extending of  the horizon of the students from four countries about cultural heritage of each of the involved countries. In addition the sports events will be the best way to make friends with students from the partner countries.Of course, the best result we are expecting is, how will the time machine work.We are looking forward to experience our meeting in Visegrad.

          Potential risks are ???

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